Pose List Included.   :)  download


Pose List Included.   :)  download

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Curbs adult bag01 by Colores Urbanos
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1000 Followers Gift!

I wanted to give you guys something as a thank you for following me and all the support you give me and really, just because you guys are awesome and deserve gifts :)

Part 3 is my makeover of the bowling alley in the University ‘hood.

There are a few bits from the store that I have included in the folder for you.

The only 3rd party CC I used is a pattern by peacemaker-ic.  It’s also included in the folder, I’d head over to their page and grab all their patterns anyway because they’re great!

You’ll obviously need the Uni EP for this one.


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Have a look at this great article that gives you the history of some of the chairs featured in this set.

You can take a look at this if you want to see the full-size image.

There will be a second one of these as I left out several living chairs I have that would fit the style.

Also I think this preview style looks a lot better, thoughts?

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curbs rockabilly 16 by Colores Urbanos



somethinginthedistance said: I'm just going to very happily join in the praising of your blog! I've been searching for stuff like this, and here it all is, and it's glorious! Thanks! <3

You are very welcome & thank-you for your wonderful praise of this ol’ blog :0)

ariel-has-fins said: I have died....I have died and gone to heaven. My glob, this is my new go to for cc. WE ARE NOT WORTHY. New favorite simblr/side blog. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Oh my! You just sent my heart a flutter <3 Thanks doll! xoxo

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simmyparadise said: Please post more retro finds (especially for men) even venues etc, im having such a struggle finding things and your sims are so pretty! <3

Thanks so much! Ok, I will try to post more men/venues as I come across them.

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I was quite disappointed with the lack of children’s clothing included in Roaring Heights, so I decided to make my own! So I present to you, 3 dresses based off of 1920’s sewing patterns.

From left to right we have

Sticks and Stones

  • Enabled for Everyday and Formalwear
  • 4 Recolorable channels (the dress, the collar, the cuffs, and the button)
  • Polycount: 3176 (lod 1)

Ruby Blue

  • Enabled for Everyday and FormalWear
  • 3 recolorable channels (the bodice, the sash, and the ruffles)
  • Polycount: 3248 (lod 1)

Strawberry Swing

  • Enabled for everyday and formalwear
  • 3 recolorable channels (the dress, the collar and the buttons)
  • Polycount: 3289 (lod 1)


  • You can do whatever you want with the dress and it’s textures, as long as you keep it off of paysites and you find some way to give me credit, even if it’s just a tiny mention in a 8 point font in a txt file that nobody reads. :)

Download: Mediafire DropBox

If you encounter any problems, please tell me so I can fix them asap!


3 different 50’s style vintage dresses. All come in presets shown in preview pictures and have variable color channels. Made from a mixture of EA textures. Mesh by All About Style


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